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The following products were hand selected by Ecology Exterminating to help you maintain a pest-free environment in your home or business after our professional service. These products are not a substitute for professional pest control treatments. All these products are available for sale & delivery from*.

  • Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner - All-Natural, Chemical-Free Pressurized Steam Cleaning

    Get a professional quality, chemical-free solution to a pest-free home. Using ordinary water, the Steam Cleaner naturally cleans and sanitizes kitchen, bath and bedroom surfaces, helping to eliminate the causes of most pest infestations.

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  • GreenWay Food Moth Trap - Contains 2 traps and lures per box
    pantry moth traps

    Pheromone Attractant, Ready To Use | Safe, Non-Toxic with No Insecticides or Odor, Eco Friendly, Kid and Pet Safe

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  • GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps (2 pack)
    clothes moth traps

    Pheromone Attractant, Ready To Use. Heavy Duty Glue, Safe, Non-Toxic with No Insecticides or Odor, Eco Friendly, Kid and Pet Safe

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  • Organic Bed Bug Botanical Insecticide
    essentria spray concentrate

    Essentria® IC3 is a professional grade, natural organic bed bug spray. IC3 uses botanical compounds that plants generate as part of their natural defense against insect attacks.

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  • Messina Animal Stopper Spray (32 oz)
    animal repellant spray

    Highly effective to repel deer, rabbits, groundhogs and most other common herbivore pests from low-level foraging, entry and nesting. Uses plant extracts to deter animals, giving it a pleasant smell.

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  • Protecta Landscape Rat/Mice Bait Station - (Faux Granite)
    rat trap

    Protecta Landscape Bait Stations are designed to be used outdoors around residential and commercial buildings to protect rat and mouse poison from children, pets, and the elements.
    Target Pests All types of Rats and Mice

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  • T-Rex Rat Snap Trap
    t-rex rat trap

    Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap is a superior trap that combines special trigger sensitivity with the exact speed for capturing and securing rats. Setting with the hand or foot (like a pedal) makes it much easier and safer than traditional traps.

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  • Catchmaster Pantry Moth Traps (3 Pack)
    pantry moth lure

    Stops moth infestations in your kitchen pantries without pesticides. This adhesive trap targets common flour- and grain moths with a professional-strength lure.

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  • GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps
    non toxic moth traps

    Protect your rugs, clothing and antiques from moths. Non-toxic moth traps, ready-to-use, long-lasting, and child- and pet-safe

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  • Vector Plasma Flying Insect Light Trap

    Larger unit for bigger restaurants, bars, delis. 72 watts of power. 5-star review.

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  • Vector Plasma One Insect/Fly Trap

    Cost effective, high performance trap to eliminate flying insects in small commercial areas (kitchens, restaurants, bars, catering halls, delis, bakeries).

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  • Aqua Fly Light & Glueboard Fly Trap

    The Halo 45 Aqua is an ideal choice for fly control in restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, delis and commercial food preparation areas. Silent & odorless.

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  • Niban Granular Pest Control Insecticide Bait - 4 lb. Shaker
    niban 4 lb container

    Niban is a weather / moisture resistant Boric Acid based insect bait labeled for Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Silverfish, Snails and Slugs.

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  • Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Traps
    fruit fly trap

    This versatile trap has a patented food grade attractant featuring a 10-hole venting lid to optimize fruit-fly exposure to the non-toxic vapors.

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  • Little Pete™-brand Humane Mouse Trap with Clear Inspection Window

    Extra-narrow humane mouse traps, ideal for home use. Since they don’t use poison, they’re ideal for kitchens, family rooms + commercial establishments like supermarkets, restaurants, mall kiosks and more. Made by JT Eaton, a family-owned and operated company since 1932.

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  • Clean Rest Pro Waterproof, Allergy and Bed Bug Blocking Mattress Cover

    The CleanRest PRO Bed Bug Blocking Mattress Encasement is commercial grade quality protection and the most effective way to protect your mattress from bed bug infestation. Featuring MicronOne™ technology, a double zipper closure and unique bed bug lock gives extra protection against bed bug migration.

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  • Box Spring Cover
    mattress cover

    Clean Rest Pro Bed Bug & Allergen Blocking Box Spring Encasement Featuring Zip-N-Click (Queen)

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  • Glue Board Sticky Traps for Mice or Insects
    insect glue traps

    Catchmaster glue boards are non-poisonous mouse and insect glue traps with an enticing, peanut-butter scent. Great for trapping mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches, crickets and other insects.

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  • LightsOut™ Bedbug Detector
    bed bug traps

    Detect and intercept bedbugs simply and easily with LightsOut™. Simply place the device under the legs of beds or upholstered furniture and LightsOut™ will intercept bed bugs as they move around in search of a blood meal. 

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  • Havahart Animal Trap
    Havahart Animal Traps

    Havahart-brand Professional Live Animal Cage Trap, Spring Loaded Single Door With V-Type Locking System, Built Of Heavy Gauge, Tempered, Galvanized Steel Wire, Pre-Assembled, Ideal For Raccoon, Groundhog, Cats, etc.

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  • Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous earth is a stain-free, powder-like natural product specifically lethal to crawling insects. All-natural yet it quickly kills a wide range of insects by touch and by ingestion. Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth is registered with the EPA and, when applied as directed, won’t have adverse effects on humans or the environment.

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  • Steri-Fab Spray for Bed Bugs

    Steri-fab is effective against most odor causing bacteria as well as insects, fungus, mold and mildew. It deodorizes and controls odor-causing organisms on carpets. It is odorless and dye-free.

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  • EcoRaider - Bed Bug Killer

    THE MOST EFFECTIVE BED BUG KILLER — Entomological Society of America’s journal publication confirmed that EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy.

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  • Snap-E Mouse Trap

    The Snap-E Mouse Trap eliminates pest mice and chipmunks. This is a great rodent pest control trap. With the Snap-E, it’s the end of the road for mice, chipmunks, and other small rodents. The quick response time makes certain that once caught, the rodent stays caught! Snap-E Mouse Trap Snap-E Mouse Trap eliminates pest mice and chipmunks. This is a great rodent pest control trap. With the Snap-E, it’s the end of the road for mice, chipmunks, and other small rodents. The quick response time makes certain that once caught, the rodent stays caught!

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