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How to Identify Cockroaches

German Cockroaches (most common in New York)

kill cockroaches like this German Roach

  • Small to medium sized
  • Distinctive set of “bars” or stripes just behind the head
  • Flattened, oval shape, spiny legs, and long, filamentous antennae
  • They eat food of all klinds and may hitchhike into the house on egg cartons, soft drink cartons, and furniture.
  • They are the most common type of roaches found in houses and restaurants.

American Cockroaches (Waterbug)

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  • Reddish brown with pale markings on the side of the thorax
  • They have the ability to fly
  • Commonly found in sewers and basements, paticularly around pipes.

Oriental Cockroaches (also called Waterbug)

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  • Dark brown, almost black in color
  • Have wings and are sometimes called “waterbugs”
  • Unlike other pest cockroaches, oriental cockroaches cannot climb up smooth surfaces (the lack sticky pads on their feet)
brownbanded cockroach exterminate

Brownbanded Cockroaches

  • Small to medium
  • White bands across the middle of the body
  • Adults have wings
  • These pests do not require as much moisture as German cockroaches and tend to avoid light

Hazards of Cockroaches

The proteins found in cockroach saliva are particularly allergenic but the body and droppings of cockroaches also contain allergenic proteins.Cockroaches are one of the most common and allergenic of indoor pests.

Recent studies have found a strong association between the presence of cockroaches and increases in the severity of asthma symptoms in individuals who are sensitive to cockroach allergens.

Foraging or feeding cockroaches also spread human disease by depositing disease organisms on food, dishes, or other items.

Sanitation Procedures to Prevent Cockroaches

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the practice of environmental changes to understand and hinder pest behavior with minimal use of chemicals. Ecology Exterminating Service recommends the following IPM techniques to minimize the presence of cockroaches:

  • Do not leave garbage pail full in kitchen over night.
  • Unwashed dishes, kitchen utensils, and exposed food products should not be left over night.
  • All spilled liquids should be cleaned up
  • Areas beneath cabinets, furniture, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators should be cleaned often, as should cupboards, pantry shelves, and storage bins where particled of food frequently accumulate
  • Kitchen wastes and dry pet food should be kept in cockroach-proof containers
  • If pets are fed indoors, leftover food should not be allowed to remain in the feeding dish overnight
  • Accumulations of stored papers, boxes, or other nonessential items should be disposed of, since these items provide excellent hiding and breeding sites for cockroaches
  • Treatment Preparation Sheet
  • Remove all items stored under the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks.
  • Empty and clean out any kitchen cabinets or pantries you want treated.
  • Have nothing cooking on stove.
  • Put away all exposed food.
  • Remove all children’s toys or items they put in their mouth from the floor.
  • Remove all pet food and toys from the floor.
  • Wipe down all counter tops after treatment.



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