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How to Identify Common NYC Birds


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  • Often blue-grey color with various markers on feathers
  • Has short necks and small heads
  • Makes a cooing call
  • Nests in cracks of walls , inside roofs, top of ledgers that are covered and under air conditioners protruding from windows.



  • Large dark bird with black, speckled plumage
  • tend to be aggressive in nature
  • Makes loud cackles
  • Can be found nesting in almost any nook or cranny in house



  • Small with brown and black feathers
  • Often has a small ring or marking around its eye
  • Makes loud, high-pitched warbles
  • Often lives in small, dry spaces

Life Habits of Birds

Birds often nest during the spring and summer months before migrating during the autumn and winter. They are most active during early mornings at daybreak when they react to the first sunlight of the day. Chicks often spend 4-6 weeks in a nest before they fly and abandon their current spot. It can be common for birds to return to the same nesting spot several years running.

Problems Caused by Birds

  • Any bird that nests in a roof is likely to make considerable noise early in the morning. Aside from their calls, it is possible to hear scratching sounds within the roof whenever the birds fly or move around in their nest.
  • Bird droppings can pose a serious health hazard to those living in a property containing bacteria that can cause serious diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis. Bird nest also breed bird mites
  • Nests can be a common cause of structural damage to the house which can weaken the support to both walls and roofs. Smaller bird nests can also block or clog drains and gutters.
  • Bird nests also breed bird mites that can get into your home or apartment and bite. Mites are often mistaken for bedbugs.
  • Humane Bird Treatment Methods
  • Start with flushing any nesting birds out of spaces before sealing off the gaps.
  • Bird wiring installed over any possible cracks or gaps in home
  • Sonic systems (loud, sound-emitting devies), which unsettles nesting birds, or visible “threats” like pin wheels or mannequins of predatory birds.
  • Physical deterrents such as pigeon spikes or low-voltage electrical strips to stop birds from flying into spaces



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