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Carpenter Bees

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  • 1/2 to 1 inch long
  • Looks similar to bumble bees but differ by having a bare, shiny black abdomen, where bumble bees have some yellow markings
  • Male carpenter bees can be identified by a bright yellow spot on the head
  • Males are aggressive but harmless and cannot sting
  • Females can sting if attacked


  • Carpenter bees bore holes into wood to create a tunnel where they can raise their young
  • They do not live in nests or colonies like yellow jackets and honey bees
  • Entry holes into the wood are usually located in the well-lit and sheltered areas, such as headers, roof eaves, porch ceilings, fascia boards, decks, doors, and window sills
  • Soft wood, such as California redwood, cedar, white pine, and poplar is preferred for nest building

Yellow Jackets

kill yellow jackets

  • 3/8 to 5/8 inch long
  • Are wasps with a definite waist
  • Marked with bright yellow and black patterns


  • Prey on a wide variety of insects and other arthropods
  • The workers survive on foods consumed by people, especially sweets and meat
  • Wasp colonies are at the largest size during the fall
  • If a colony is disturbed, worker yellow jackets will aggressively defend their colony by stinging

Bees are difficult and may be dangerous to control.  Let Ecology Exterminating, experts in pest control servcies, eliminate your bee infestation.  Call us at 1-877-762-2437.



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