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Ants are New York’s most unwelcome house guests: they feed on, and contaminate, human foods, infest structures, and build unsightly mounds in lawns. If you’re ready to tackle your ant problem, so are we! Call Ecology Exterminating at 1-800-Pest-Control to find out how we can solve your ant problem using the least toxic ant baits.

Detection of Ants

It is important to recognize the subtle differences between a termite infestation or an ant problem. Please notice the differences in the diagram below:

get rid of ants

Carpenter Ants

control carpenter ants

  • One node, erect and sharp
  • 1/8 to 5/8 inch long
  • Evenly rounded thorax
  • Color varies: black, black and red, red, yellow


  • The largest ant. Workers usually of several lengths, with the size of the head varying considerably. Queens are often an inch long. Sometimes they bite, but are not capable of stinging.
  • Ants are omnivores: they eat both plants and food scraps (such as honeydew), and animals or dead insects.
  • Carpenter Ants are attracted to moist wood, decaying wood, tree stumps, and railroad ties
  • Landscape wood borders, heavily mulched areas, and firewood are also popular ant “habitats”.
  • You can find ants under household insulation, wall voids, door frames, window frames, under or near hot tubs, tree holes, hollow rods, attic eaves.



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