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Map of Williamsbridge

Why You Should Choose Ecology Exterminators

Ecology Exterminating is standing by for those living in the Williamsbridge area. For more than 35 years, our expert technicians have been serving this neighborhood, providing first-rate service and value-based prices. Ecology Exterminating accepts all major credits cards and is ready to be at your service. Contact us if you have any problems with pests.

Williamsbridge Pests and Insects

Although overall the percentage of pests in Williamsbridge is lower than average when compared to the rest of the Bronx, the area still has significant problems with various types of pests. A total of 35% of the homes have an ongoing problem with cockroaches and 27% see mice or rats on a daily basis. Although there is no data for bedbugs, Williamsbridge does border areas when incidences are relatively moderate to high.

An Overview of Williamsbridge

Located in the northeast Bronx, Williamsbridge is a solid neighborhood of over 65,000. The Bronx River is situated on the western boundary and Boston Road on the eastern. East 222nd Street is to the north and East Gun Hill Road to the south.



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