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Recent and ongoing construction in Soundview includes multistory apartment buildings and multi-unit row houses. The construction disturbs the surrounding soil, and may be responsible for an increase in pest activities. Ecology Exterminating's trained professionals are ready to help Soundview residents with their pest problems. In an area that is dominated by apartment buildings, our expert exterminators are able to handle any of the challenges these large, multi-story buildings pose. If you have a problem with pests be sure to call on Ecology Exterminating. We accept all major credit cards.

Parkchester/Soundview Pests and Insects

When it comes to pests, Soundview ranks average with the rest of the Bronx: cockroaches are in about 41% of Soundview homes and mice and rats are in 36% of area homes Those averages are about 60% higher than the rest of New York City overall. Bedbugs have proven to be a growing problem in the area.

An Overview of Parkchester/Soundview

Soundview is a small, two-square mile neighborhood located in the south central section of the Bronx. The area includes the recently upgraded Soundview Park, which is the largest park in the South Bronx. The Cross-Bronx Expressway borders the neighborhood to the north, while Lacombe Avenue is on the south. The western border is White Plains Road and the Bronx River borders the west.



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    Exposure to cockroach allergens (found in droppings) is believed to be a major risk factor for asthma among children in inner-city homes. Mouse dropping allergies are as common as mold and dust allergies, but mouse droppings can also harbor dangerous diseases and trigger asthma in some people.

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