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Ecology Exterminating has been serving the community of Tottenville for more than three decades. Whatever your pest related problem is we will solve it. We offer friendly, efficient service. All of our technicians are trained and certified in the latest methods in pest control. Contact us today and we'll start working to solve your problem quickly and thoroughly. Ecology Exterminating accepts all major credit cards and is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Tottenville Pests and Insects

Pests are of a very low concern in Tottenville, which has the lowest rate of occurrence of roaches, rodents and bedbugs in New York City and on Staten Island. Rodents are reported in just under 2% of the homes and cockroaches in 1%. Both numbers are about 85% lower than the average for the island. Bedbugs are also not seen as less than 1% of the homes have reported these pests.

An Overview of Tottenville

Tottenville, which measures only 1.7 square miles, is a located at the southern most part of Staten Island. It has about 9,000 residents most of whom are middle to upper middle class. Homes tend to be free-standing units as well as smaller apartments and multi-family units. Approximately 97% of residents rank building structures in the neighborhood as being good to excellent.



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    Exposure to cockroach allergens (found in droppings) is believed to be a major risk factor for asthma among children in inner-city homes. Mouse dropping allergies are as common as mold and dust allergies, but mouse droppings can also harbor dangerous diseases and trigger asthma in some people.

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